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5 Natural Arthritis Remedies for Chronic Pain

Most people don't know that arthritis and other types of chronic pain can be caused by inflammation. Inflammation is a natural response to injury or infection, but sometimes it can be the cause of severe discomfort and pain. Here are some natural ways to keep your inflammatory responses under control.

 1. Stay Active!

Keeping good circulation and consistent physical activity helps a lot.  You've got to stay active to be active.  Inflammation and arthritis commonly respond well to weight loss and low impact exercise.  Try building a walking and bicycling routine.  Having a hard time staying motivated? Consider hiring a personal trainer for a couple sessions per week.  Work with your friends!  Active friends can help to keep one another healthy.

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Infladox-chiropractic-arthritis-remedy[spacer height="20px"]2. Try Accupuncture or Chiropractic

Natural medicine is a popular option.  Accupucture and Chiropractic medicine have had varying effectiveness for people who suffer from chronic pain.  By focusing on reducing load and inflammation on joints, these therapies have been trusted for their relief of pain and discomfort from arthritis and injury.  Natural medicine practitioners are often a trove of information for people who suffer from chronic pain.  Regular therapy can be a way to address chronic pain without harsh medication.

seychelles cuisine curry 33. Watch Your Diet!

No foods have been tested to combat severe pain, but some changes in your diet can help to combat inflammation, one of the top causes of pain from osteoarthritis.  Try blending cherries and oranges for a morning treat, or indulge in fish dishes that are rich in inflammation-fighting omega-3 fatty acids.  Add garlic to your dishes along with red peppers and curry powder or tumeric to make diet part of your anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory routine.

ds-image-014. Take the Infladox Challenge

There are dozens of supplements that combine foods and vitamins known to reduce inflammation.  Infladox is the first supplement formulated to deliver potent natural anti-inflammatory nutrients optimized for absorption.  Dox Supplelments is offering free samples of Infladox to allow people to test their response to this powerful anti-inflammatory supplement.  The Infladox Challenge can help people who are looking for natural answers to their pain.  Focused on addressing inflammation that builds up in tissues and joints, if inflammation is the culprit for your chronic pain, you can join hundreds who have settled on Infladox as their supplement of choice.  Here's a link to the sample pack. (Enter password: challenge)

5. Get Some Rest

Inflammation flares up under stress and fatigue.  Give yourself adequate rest to keep chronic pain at bay.  Ideal conditions call for 8-9 hours of sleep per day.  If you have the opportunity to take a nap during the day, don't be shy, it could help to reduce painful inflammation in the body.  Also look into relaxing exercises like yoga or meditation that reduce the stress responses we have to our everyday lives.